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In past years, we have worked on a diverse range of projects including different industries such as: Healthcare and pharmaceuticals, HR and Employee Management, Finance and accounting, Collaboration, Customer management, Retail and consumer services, IT management, Marketing, Transportation and logistics, Recreation and wellness, Education, and child care, Real Estate and property, Communications, Nonprofit, Construction, and more. No matter the industry, we design user interfaces that translate into seamless user experiences (UX).

We have successfully initiated and refined hundreds of project for our clients across the world. Few examples of our work is given so, That you can get the idea of work quality.

From Concept To Launch - End to End Service Design
UI/UX Design, Web, Mobile App Design and Development

About: Lugg is a fast, easy, and affordable way to get help with your apartment move, to pick up that new sofa purchased on Craigslist LetGo Offer up, or new stuff delivered from stores like West Elm, HomeGoods, Best Buy, Target, and IKEA.

Challenge: The main goal was to replace the traditional movers with the professional vetted movers. We had to create an app that can provide craigslist pickup and delivery, donation pickup and delivery at any desired location.

Results: We designed an intuitive and easy to use interface that let picking and delivering customers’ furniture to their desired place at any time anywhere.

Redesign Customer Experience
UI/UX Design, Web, Mobile App Design and Development

About: KAYAK is a platform where user can search hundreds of travel sites so you don’t have to. Book the perfect flight, hotel or rental car.

Challenge: The aim of the redesign was to create a more universal and comprehensive consumer experience across all Kayak platforms for which we broke the applications down to its core features.

Results: We helped their users cut-through all the information easily by comparing prices and deals. We introduced a simple layout with a user-friendly environment.

From Concept To Launch End to End Service Design
BetterMe: UI/UX Design, Mobile App Design and Development

About: BetterMe helps you achieve your personal wellness objectives by building and modifying your meal and workout plans.

Challenge: The app was aimed at helping people to find their workout plans to lose weight. The aspiration of the app was to become very instrumental in counting calorie intake, controlling weight and making sure that the user exercise on a regular basis.

Results: We created a go-to pocket health consultant app with innovative features and an intuitive interface with a user-friendly environment from concept to launch. App allows users to count their daily calories, control their weight and exercising regularly.

Redesign User Experience (UI/UX)
Capsule: UI/UX Design, Web, Mobile App Design and Development

About:Capsule is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) SaaS web application and mobile app. Online CRM for individuals, small businesses and sales teams wanting a simple, effective and affordable solution.

Challenge: Our goal was to completely reimagine and redesign the application that gives the view of the whole business. This was a big transformation and we needed to figure out a way to move existing users without too much friction.

Results: CRM was very challenging because the existing CRM application had complex features and we have to make it simple so that new users could use it without requiring any extensive training. In simplifying the application, we buried many features for the existing advanced users for which we designed an advanced mode that users could turn on and the UI could show more tools by which we accommodated the existing users but with a simplified UI for new users.

Redesign User Experience (UI/UX)
CoinBase: UI/UX Design, Web App, Mobile App, Design and Development

About: Coinbase is a digital currency wallet and platform where merchants and consumers can transact with new digital currencies like bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin. Bitcoin is the world's most widely used alternative currency with a total market cap of over $100 billion.

Challenge: Coinbase wanted us to create a visually simple interface that can provide a lot of useful information without overwhelming the investor. To design a platform that attracts investors because of the ease of use.

Results: Not only we designed a simple and attractive Coinbase dashboard. Also, we have designed an intuitive interface of GDAX with real-time order books, charting tools, trade history, and a simple order process for trading.

From Concept To Launch End to End Service Design
Nobly's: UI/UX Design, Web, Mobile App Design and Development

About:Nobly's iPad EPOS System POS Software. Affordable Point of Sale & Powerful Back Office With Award-Winning Customer Support. Nobly’s work with bars, cafes, restaurants, and other hospitality businesses just like yours from around the world.

Challenge: They wanted us to create a blazingly fast, intuitive iPad EPOS interface. The main challenge was to redesign their POS system for businesses that require more open and highly customizable experiences.

Results: We designed a simplified UI with different customizable options because the goal was to create an intuitive interface with a user-friendly and user-centered design. We created a POS system that provided more open and highly customizable experience.

From Concept To Launch End to End Service Design
The USA Exchange: UI/UX Design, Web, Mobile App Design and Development

About:The USA Exchange is looking to bring great deals to American cities and business owners alike. They have masterminded a platform that helps cities connect with their communities and business owners and make more deals than ever before.

Challenge: The USA Exchange looking to design a platform that helps cities connect with their local communities and business owners. The mobile experience was just as important as the desktop experience. We had to design an exceptional user interface for the mobile users that can display content elegantly while focusing on the usability on small devices.

Results: We created an exceptional user experience for the mobile user that displayed content elegantly while focusing on the usability on small devices. With over 30 different views, it was a difficult task to undertake but one that proved to be valuable with over 60% of USAX users mobilized. we curated the best possible experiences while focusing on usability and Design feels.

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